Opportunity - Expertise - facility - FAMILY - fun

You name it. We have it. C'mon. Let's Jig! 


CAID offers each dancer endless opportunity. Be it recreational exercise, the need to perform in front of a crowd, or the drive to become a Championship Dancer, the Clark Academy provides an outlet for the most recreational OR competitive dancer. 

Dancers have the opportunity to participate in public performances, festivals, feisanna (local competitions), and more...all at your own speed. 

CAID is also known for awesome FAMILY fun events through the year such as a summer event, Trunk or Treat, and our annual Holiday Party!


It's simple really. The Clark Academy offers the HIGHEST of expertise in the St. Louis Area. In 2016, Mary Jo (owner and primary instructor) was voted one of the top 20 BEST dance teachers in St. Louis. Mary Jo is the only certified Irish Dance teacher in St. Louis that also has Professional Show Experience (Riverdance), Adjudicator Certification, four years of collegiate athletic experience, top 3 finishes at Regional Championships, top 10 finishes at National Championships, top 25 at World Championships, and most importantly, a superior passion for working with families and kiddos of all ages and abilities. 


Let's face it. We all have a yearning for this three letter word...so let's shout it out and have some FUN! Irish Dance (and any sport or dance form) should be taken seriously to a degree, but the heart and soul must be fed with fun. THIS we believe with the fulness of our hearts. 


The CAID studio offers sprung Harlequin Cascade floors (the same surface used in the Broadway show "Riverdance"), TWO studio spaces, a good sized lobby for parents, free wi-fi, a bathroom for parents, and 3 bathrooms accessible to dancers during all classes.  

This is the best Dance School Around! Mrs. Mary Jo is the best Irish Dance Teacher around! Anyone looking for a new dance school this is the place to be!!
— Laura W. (CAID Dance Mama)
Best dance decision I ever made! This school is the most fun (yet serious) and supportive dance school I have ever seen. Everyone is so kind and helpful and will help you go as far as you can!!
— Victoria T. (Dancer)
This is a top notch dance school. Mary Jo works her tail off to make each kid the BEST dancer that they can be. She takes her time with each one giving them what they need to help succeed with dance and beyond.
— Becky M. (CAID Dance Mama of 2)
We miss CAID! Anyone looking to Irish dance in the St. Louis area - they are the best!
— Megan K. (Relocated CAID Mama)