New enrollments

  • TOT Level = 3 Year Olds: Tots class coincides with the first 30 minutes of Shamrock Class.

  • SHAMROCK Soft Shoe = 4 Years & Up with little or no Irish Dancing experience.

  • SHAMROCK Hard Shoe is open to dancers who have completed at least one session of Soft Shoe classes. Dancers should continue with soft shoe classes once they pick up hard shoe.

  • ADULT Classes are open to adult beginners and experienced adults. The class is split based on skill level. Both hard and soft shoe are taught. Soft is usually taught first, but hard may be taught immediately depending on the class flow at enrollment.

  • TRIAL CLASS: Trial classes are available at the end of each session, and dancers are invited to enroll immediately following (at the start of the new session). Please sign up below, and we will contact you with free trial class dates. Trial classes are offered in January, April/May, and August. Please wear shorts, t-shirt & socks. Please bring a water bottle. We will follow up after the class with enrollment & other pertinent info.

  • NUMBER OF CLASSES (Youth): Beginner dancers generally attend class one class per week. Dancers may add an additional class at anytime should their passion ignite.

  • SHOES: Shoes are not required for Shamrock classes. Socks or bare feet are aok and can even be beneficial in teaching proper technique! We do however have a used shoe bin, and you will be provided with information on purchasing new if/when you enroll. Soft shoes are about 50-80 buckaroos new. Adults may wear socks, dance sneakers, soft/hard shoes, or sneakers that have never been worn outside.

  • UNIFORM: Class uniform shirts are $15 and may be purchased through our online tuition system. Dancers may wear any shorts, skort, or tight leggings to class. Uniform does not apply to adult dancers.

  • MAKE UP CLASSES: Should your dancer be sick, or have another activity or event on their class night, they may attend an alternate class anytime within the current session. Makeup classes do not apply to adult classes.

  • PERFORMING, COMPETITION & COSTUMING: Performances & competitions (feises) are an option, but are never required. There are numerous performance & competition opportunities throughout the year. Beginners are welcome to participate as early as their first session of classes, and do not need an “official” costume to participate as a new beginner. An “official” beginner costume runs about $110 total, and can be worn until the dancer grows out of it.

  • WIGS (Youth): Not required for quite some time…and only becomes required down the competition gamut should you choose to endeavor.

  • TUITION (Shamrock & Adult): Classes are $16 individually and $14 when paying for the full session (3-4 months). We use an for payment.

Did you say free?

Please fill out the following information and we will contact you as soon as possible regarding your free trial class! (Trial classes are offered in January, April/May, and August.)

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